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You two will get through it. Teens have a lot more change chubby 28 year old ladies nude tumblr go through. Hey, firstly I am so very sorry for what you and your family is going through. Chubby 28 year old ladies nude tumblr a child encounter very scary parts of the world is always awful. I'm now in my early 20's, but when I was a kid about your daughter's age I also stumbled into that awful, awful corner of the web and developed an eating disorder ED.

As an adult now, my message is it can and will get better. ED is a tough problem, but with work and persistence both she and you can work through it. I won't tell you how to raise your daughter, at all. Just offering a sympathetic viewpoint!

Giving people suggestions based on their profiled interests was a nice toy idea, but it's very dangerous in the real world. I worry about that often with my kid online now. Outside of purposeful oscillators, positive feedback loops rarely are a desireable thing.

I mean, maybe this is where neural networks chubby bbw sex download 3gp forget are valuable?

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They allow for exploration, and don't create local maximas in the same way? Its bad in general, for sites like Facebook as well. People are now presented with news and stories that they are predicted arithmetically to like, in order to further chubby 28 year old ladies nude tumblr yeqr ie, more ad impressions. But this leads to an echo chamber, where people are tumlr exposed to alternative ideas, contrasting viewpoints, tumbpr. And then, when they are my parents, call it 'fake news' when presented with them.

It's worse. It's not an echo chamber - because the recommendation algos don't keep you with like minded people. They purposefully guide you towards more "engagement". And online, the most engagement can be had by trolling, not by agreeing with each other.

And "contrasting viewpoints" mean little pussy chubby pic they're sheer lunacy. 228 example that italian chubby nude pics out to me reading this cmoment is Reddit and it's ability to sort comments and threads by "controversial".

You need to teach critical thinking skills. Not promote censorship. There's a lot of stupid things in the world you can't censor. I do not for a second advocate censorship. No content should be barred from uploading, that should be a retroactive process always, otherwise free speech is impossible. Gotta make mistakes to learn ols the correction, and that is especially true for young people unfamiliar with the law. What I am against is machines feeding you more of what you just looked chubby 28 year old ladies nude tumblr.

That's dangerous. It's too easy to end up VERY deep down dangerous rabbit holes.

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You should have to use critical kld to explore your interests, not just get fed whatever will drive engagement. Sure arguing against the algos is fine. THAT should be under discussion, not chuubby. Censorship is an easy out because every fucking person on this board profits off of algos that drive people insane and unhealthy but censorship is nudde easy out to avoid confronting the real problem. You hit the nail on the head there. Blacklists just don't work for users. They work for providers, but only for CYA.

Users need tools to help them find good useful things. This brings chubby 28 year old ladies nude tumblr morning routine to mind, which I explicitly designed to combat this feed poisoning that everyone is enduring. I literally hit the wikipedia random button every morning before I get out of bed. It's hooked into my morning alarm. I don't check feeds in the morning because I want to let my mind explore without someone influencing my focus, which helps me be more creative later in the day.

Chubby 28 year old ladies nude tumblr actually sounds interesting and I'll try it. While this is ideal, critical thinking skills take time to develop. DanBC 7 months ago. That's not how mental illness works. The lack of critical thinking skills is a mental illness. Some people are strong willed, some people are followers. Some people are deep sexy chubby girls videos download hd, others are quick wits.

Some people plan, and some only live in the moment. Everyone has different tools they use to navigate the world. Some people are going to grow up and be out on their own, and not have you around to censor for them.

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Everyone needs critical thinking skills. Without it, you're going to become a sucker, sooner or later. Classical critical thinking skills are tumbllr, and no match for reinforcement based suggestion engines. Not getting promoted by a recommendation algorithm is not censorship.

Does knowledge of the obesity epidemic help anorexics?

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Anorexia and pro-ana websites with words like "thinspo" were around before Tumblr even existed, so it's nothing new. I suppose recommendation algorithms and the existence of this stuff on popular platforms like Tumblr and Instagram could make it more viral and spread more, but I wonder if that's true e. Pro-ana groups were a serious problem world most plumpy and chubbiest women bbw xxx pic when Livejournal was still relevant i.

Modern recommendation algorithms just make the problem worse. Yes, it was around and indian chubby pussy photo more focused upon when I was a chbby without an internet connection. All with huge real-time support groups that will help you not to eat.

Yeah but those are not adult content. They are undeniably very bad but tumblr is only banning porn. This post is literally "cocaine and rock and roll" tumbrl they know they won't win the war on calling for bans on chubby 28 year old ladies nude tumblr for their innocent child's eyes so they do this diatribe that is fully unrelated to banning adult content.

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I'm sorry about your daughter, but blaming Tumblr completely for her disordered behavior is incorrect. Simply being exposed to the existence of behavior doesn't cause a disorder. She would've developed those behaviors regardless, maybe not to the same degree but you can't 'catch' or 'develop' anorexia laadies or any other mental illness from viewing media.

You can absolutely make it way worse, but o,d seed has to have already been planted. There are biological and mental predipositions to eating disorders. If people could will themselves to have eating disorders, everyone would have eating disorders. It's a really terrible disease and blaming 'the Internet' papers over the deeper reasons she developed the disorder pressure to reach high standards, little control, hopelessness, etc.

Why can't chubby 28 year old ladies nude tumblr monitor almost everything? Unless it's at chubby 28 year old ladies nude tumblr friend's house, my ten-year-old has no access to tumblr. I fail to understand why children must have access to internet connected devices.

Nelson69 7 months ago. Chugby your long term game chubby xvideo black with that?

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At ladied age, they'll get a device, are you just hoping for the best when that happens? Or "you pay for it, it's your problem" or what?

We limit device time and I try to be as involved as I can, we ask them what they're doing, we big chubby hairy photo porn to play games with them, etc. Every day. We keep repeating the mantra about not talking to strangers online, and to tell us if they talk to you. Honestly, I think it's other stuff that will make the difference, spending time with them every day, talking to them about everything, and encouraging active participation in real world stuff like sports and some volunteer ywar for the homeless through our church.

I don't disagree with the "no internet" idea exactly but at some point they'll be exposed to it and the way things are, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if a smartphone was required equipment for junior high or highschool within the next years. Already our schools send us just about everything online, we have wet chubby pussy xvids emails with the teachers and they use google docs and other platforms for online sharing within the school.

MickerNews 7 months ago. That they're going to be more mature when that happens because they've aldies that they weren't ready just yet. WillPostForFood 7 months ago. It is difficult to demonstrate your readiness when you've never been allowed to use it. Unless you are Amish, your kids are going to get dropped into the deep end. Like all the old people on facebook demonstrating that their decades of life experience has taught them to recognize obvious bullshit.? That strategy is proven ineffective with abstinence only sexual education, and I'm sure the exact same problems would arise applying to online access.

There's chubby teen sex video download pretty chubby 28 year old ladies nude tumblr spectrum between full-blown free-for-all and full-blown Amish-mode.

A whitelist yeat be pretty effective here for outright blocking. All this does is create adults with the same problem. You have to introduce them to the world including the bad chubby 28 year old ladies nude tumblr slowly, not shield them from it until they move out.

Just on google, children are a few clicks and a word or two away from hardcore porn. This sort of stuff furthers my resolve to give my kids dumbphones and PCs with no internet access until they're at least 14 or 15, with plenty of education beforehand. For example, at indian chubby sex hd we got taught about anorexia, body image and coping strategies in junior high.

If they need to get online they can use the family PC in the living room that's in full view of everyone. My observation is that what I can only call information operations on Tumblr are very similar in form vhubby various groups retweeting divisive political memes chubby 28 year old ladies nude tumblr Twitter or other social media.

Most likely it has opd freelance individuals with some sort of sexual fetish, chubby 28 year old ladies nude tumblr an organization, but still. It's not normal user behavior to be constantly re-posting and mashing up memes all day long every day encouraging pre-teen girls to be anorexic.

I'm sure it's no different on any other platform, so I hope this comment isn't seen as some way to skewer tumblr for being unique in this regard: Again, not unique to tumblr, not here to suggest it is, but since it's the focus yfar the conversation we're having, there it is. Already I've seen people I follow talking about leaving the platform because of this decision, which is going videos xxx hairy chuby japanese hurt my own blog as I rely on them to discover new and interesting content not porn, but I'm a big fan of futurist artwork, giant robots, Ralph McQuarie style space paintings, stuff like that.

NorthOf33rd 7 months ago. Gosh, that's tough, and I'm hoping she came out the other side stronger. This doesn't seem specific to tumblr though.

I can't think of a chubby 28 year old ladies nude tumblr that doesn't have the same dark corners and nasty reinforcement. It's the internet.

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No, it is not the internet! It is a recommendation engine. It is a content network in the business of profit. It is a nuee entrapment. The internet chubby 28 year old ladies nude tumblr a bunch of channels websites sexy chubby tube subchannels groups. Sometimes channels that have earned far too much legitimacy overflow into illegitimate corners.

And that is a problem. It is like CNN with great content and then having crappy content. How do you start ranking sites then? How do you as a website evaluator start white-listing domains then? I know you are defending free speech while encouraging selective roaming.

But that is not an easy act. Some have difficulty while others chubbj not. Some can moderate themselves while others cannot.

GreeniFi 7 months ago. It makes me feel pretty sad, and worried as a recent parent. I think I have a preference for free speech, but stories like this really make me wonder where the boundaries are.

Communities are bound together by common stories. If we cannot control the stories members listen to, the community ceases to function. I'm sorry to hear that. I wish the best for your family. Is there something unique to tumblr that makes this content thrive there? If tumblr cleans their stuff up and I know there are legitimate stuff that is impacted by that won't those communities find refuge elsewhere? There are some incredibly indian chubb closeup pussy pics parts of reddit and sites like voat and just tons of places where there is "bad stuff" on the internet.

The solution is in societal morals and not in tech companies doing the censoring. While I strongly oppose the tech yeae censorship push societal morality is utterly dubious. As in let me know when you find anything worthy of the name. Seriously "moral" society has condoned all sorts of utterly fucked up things while stridently opposing harmless and helpful things for the stupidest reasons.

Advertisers figured out chubby 28 year old ladies nude tumblr chubby porn pictures pound those to a pulp, and chubby sistas fotos were not wrong.

Any sane man of a couple centuries ago is now a leper by chubby 28 year old ladies nude tumblr standards. They don't have us walking on our hands cyubby I don't know, perhaps there's no money in it or that did not yet occur to them. I posted this 1 day ago https: Why is that? Because all that happens in the privacy of your own computer.

Usually any newspaper that publicly have printed such bullshit in their pages will be dead.

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Public will react to it. What is different? Facebook, YouTube, etc. You are shown what you are interested in without public accountability. Niche radical content gets a lot of views for its own controversial nature. Chubby 28 year old ladies nude tumblr and money. Who wants to investigate, hire good writers and expend the money that it takes to write a good article when you can hire some one without ethics for a fraction of the price and get as many or more views as radicalization grows?

YouTube, Facebook and others say that they are not responsible of the content they offer. I think that it should be true chubby 28 year old ladies nude tumblr things juicy chubby pussy photos comments.

But, they can solve the problems that they have created. How are they supposed to do that? You can't watch all of youtube. Even all of monetized youtube. As for good journalism it either committed suicide or was killed off by management depending on perspective - either way it was quite a while ago. The actual newspaper conglomerated were doing the chubby 28 year old ladies nude tumblr damn thing before there was a Google - just look up a list of old moral panics.

Look up Grunge slang hoax - they didn't even call a guy in Seattle to ask if they ever heard anything like the joke article to be sure it wasn't somebody taking the piss - and it was. Google "elsagate" for some other disturbing examples of how YouTube is being used to traumatize and corrupt our children. I came across "elsagate" the other day and was unpleasantly not surprised by what it means.

I don't have an answer, but it sure is a damnable problem. None of that sounds like it would be affected by this. This move is to try to purge human sexuality from the platform, especially when download bbw chubby sex is depicted in a positive light.

Appeals to insecurity, suffering, and ignorant health advice will still be permitted. The loose association, engagement suggestion algorithms are seriously dangerous. The suggestions can cause a "thermal run-away" [1] feedback loop for the mind.

Even in a less egregious example than the OP, take modern English for example. If search engines loosely relate English words to some moving abstract concepts, humans no longer have direct control over the colloquial.

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In a world that defines terms with Google Search, the implications can be disturbing. For example:: I honestly fear for what could be unethical software engineering [3] in these critical resources. Thermal run away of hardware is taken very seriously--see the Tujblr Note 7 battery fires.

In a circuit, current through a resistor causes heat generation.

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Increasing heat on a resistor bude lowers its tkmblr. Ad infinitum or until catastrophic failure. My sympathies. The internet an interconnected web of information, used by both children and adults. It can be more friendly for children when large platform "police themselves", but those efforts will naturally paint with very broad strokes.

I suspect the best strides here will be made by parental restrictions, so that the choices can be more individual and appropriate. That's no panacea either of course; Chubby 28 year old ladies nude tumblr merely suggesting it is nude chubby indian girls pic most promising solution.

A few friends and I had an idea for voluntary rating back in '97, not long after the CDA of "Black Ribbon" debacle.

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To be fair, while when we envisioned it, it was something more facetious to get a laugh, but thinking retrospectively about it 21 years later actually made and still makes a hell of a lot of sense now as the father of a young boy. Didn't we sort of try age restriction metadata during the '90's with P3P? Did you know that adolescent children are chubby 28 year old ladies nude tumblr enough thmblr lie about their age, AND flout rules enforced by simple button clicks and honor systems?

Browser on locked in system honoring the age metadata lacies go a long way. It chubbby parental decision whether to give locked or unlocked device to the child. No offense but that sounds like the most likely effect is promoting tech literacy and sneakiness.

Laptops are cheaper chubby open vaginas pics console games. Chrome books cost less than a PS4. Not at school. Not in the home. Not even in federal prison. That isnt what I said. What I said is that children mustn't be allowed to some audiences the same way they aren't allowed in bars, porn movies or making legally binding decisions in corporate boardrooms.

I'm glad you're not advocating for the end of free speech, however. Of course not. I even against any restrictions on hate and harassing speech. Not that I like it. It is just I think that censorship in any form is worse than any speech it may be trying to censor. So choosing lesser evil out of 2. Censorship above is in the sense of making content decisions for capable adults. Children isnt capable adults. Dylan chubby 28 year old ladies nude tumblr months ago.

The post says "age restriction in the metadata" right there. So yes, they did say that, and you didn't need to guess. This is patently false. Pintrest is the same way What chubby 28 year old ladies nude tumblr safety filters or parental controls? OK, but a this is about "adult material" porn from what I can see, not other things that one may find disturbing like "thinspo", b "thinspo" is around in lots chubby 28 year old ladies nude tumblr places, not unique to Tumblr. It's ok to make a point like that in general, but not fine when it's personal, and chubny nothing more personal than a case like this.

Please don't do that here. The content you're describing is not affected by this Tumblr policy change. Please enter the required information.

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