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Pointers In Writing An Effective Horror Prompt

Horror stories is one of the most popular genres sought by readers especially in the younger age group. This is because it can stir up a lot of unwanted emotions such as fear when written correctly. It is funny really that we fear things that is just pure imagination. But in order to be able to scare the readers you must know some of these pointers to help you write an effective horror story.

Since not everyone has the same level of fear, the horror genre is difficult to enter. Just aim in scaring at least one of your reader so that you will be able to effectively write your horror story.

Try to imagine how the reader may perceive your story. Was it written too simply or was the scene too complex that it is difficult to understand? Try to come up with things that scare you and apply it in your writing. Seek advice from your friends and ask them what they fear the most.

Typical causes of fear in horror stories include ghosts, fear of the unknown, violence, clowns, demons, killer, being alone, and darkness among other things.

By reading other types of horror stories you may get some idea. Observe how they were written. Also, it is a good idea if you choose your resources that were published by well-known horror writers such as Stephen King.

Before you start writing, you should outline your plot. It is very important to carefully plan out or structure your plan in order for your efforts not to get wasted. Always go for the standard way of writing in which you start with the exposition of the conflict, the rising action, then the climax, after that is the anticlimax which is also the resolution of the story.

Remember to write in detail in order to bring out the suspense. This will make a connection between your characters and readers. Let them feel the fears of the character.

Always be realistic with your stories in order to make it believable. Make them think that it may also happen in real life thus creating fear. Match the events and pace of the story with the temporary and permanent setting.

Transform an ordinary situation into something scary. You can bring out a whole lot of different emotions from your readers when they least expect it. With this method, your imagination is your best partner. For instance, you are at home playing computers but suddenly the lights went off or you suddenly hear someone screaming.

Final tip is to create a theme for your story. The readers would enjoy your story if they can learn something out of it.

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